The relationship between Static and Thermodynamic in the biological equilibrium of the universe

Mazen Ahmed A, Afif. Substitute teacher , Maklan School for Basic Education , Office of Education Al-Shaib Area, Ad-Dali G, Yemen.E-mail:
Dynamics of “awareness”  (See more Brown 1977) involuntary result of synchronized nerve receptors and external influences. Where they pass through various processes before it gets to the brain. Therefore we will talk about the relationship dynamics and dormancy, who have a role in the mechanism of awareness and changes in behavior as well as physical and chemical phenomena in the universe. Because of the ambiguity in the understanding of consciousness and behavior and of certain diseases such as schizophrenia and also it paranoia some biological reactions that occur in cells without our awareness of this, and who controls these operations Is the heart or the brain, as well as tracks which pass messages and sensory processes that are exposed at every stage. What molecules that play a role in the processes of consciousness, and whether their impact on the awareness or is it limited to the impact of ascending even affect health and how that influence arises. What those foods that affect awareness, especially meat that affect the human chromosomes, which lead to behavioral changes. This means going into every cell linked to cognitive awareness both in the areas of the brain or outside the brain and corridors through which impulses awareness and eccentric concurrent also awareness of the mechanism and its relationship to the atomic structure and then all the universe. Some causes of “OCD” and the advent of suicide and how to get rid of those problems as well as some injury madness disease, which coincide with the seasons and the mechanism of the firing of neurons in the brain and heart because of it moving. IQ differences between humans and the relationship of the heart and nerves of hearing about it. More importantly, all of the above is the eye related to these symptoms and the role it plays in the physiology of the person and motivate eccentric self-synchronization.
Hypotheses :
1- Everything has a hollow construction .
2- Each state has developed a beginning and an end .
3- Each spectrum emitted contains a gene atoms and can be converted into a crystal isotopes of those atoms through integrative interaction with the outside system.
4- Each radio spectrum is not exhausted and can be turned into material when integrating into the crystalline structure .
5- Each spectrum entropy constructivism.
6- Each atom has two types of time-energy. Therefore we can travel through time in a counter-clockwise direction at certain points where he stays for a short time only. The farthest point is the nearest point and vice versa in accordance with the principle of synchronous orbits .
7- [H2O] inside every atom, but it is subject to chemical decomposition (turning continuously phase) .
8- No incomplete quanta and also will not accrue any of the quanta-to-zero.
9-The Pattern of behavior is the crystalline structure of the nucleus, thus, that measured behavior patterns as a synchronous rhythm change molecular mass in the nucleus.
10- Each nucleus coupling link and so active phases synchronization induce molecules to bring about dynamics equilibrium and be either absorb energy compensation is needed to break the process of static Association and stimulate interaction or emission of quanta energy by urging internal determinants to enter the process of static (developed physiological) , and therefore parallel resurgence positions arise and it determines spectroscopy magnetic fields.